FLake-Global: online modelling system

Lake location

Enter the lake coordinates or pick a point representing the lake from the map below

Decimal degree between -90 ad 90

Decimal degree between -180 ad 180

Lake characteristics

maximum length of open water wind can travel; in m

The model initial conditions are automatically set based on the lake location and the date when the simulation starts

deg C

deg C

deg C



Meteorological data from: National Centers for Environmental Prediction/National Weather Service/NOAA/U.S. Department of Commerce (2015), NCEP GDAS/FNL Global Surface Flux Grids, https://doi.org/10.5065/D61N7Z6Q, Research Data Archive at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Computational and Information Systems Laboratory, Boulder, Colo. (Updated daily.) First accessed† 04/10/2019.